Distance Learning

While we may be physically away from the school building, we are fortunately still in a position to provide a positive learning experience through our online homework portal, Show My Homework.  This gives teachers the ability to set and collect assignments and then to give students feedback on their work.  There is also a comment function which allows students to ask questions of their teachers and which form tutors are using to keep in touch with learners in a pastoral capacity.


A revised, thematic approach has just been implemented for Year 7 to 9.  Each fortnight, learners will be set work by five subjects around a common theme.  Students should spend around two hours on each subject each fortnight, totalling 10 hours.  In addition, learners should aim for an hour of health and wellbeing activities which have been set by the PSE and PE departments and then an hour of skills development in literacy (Literacy Planet), numeracy (Mathswatch) and Cymraeg (Duolingo).

All work will be set on Show My Homework as usual and students should submit their work in the usual way.  If there are problems with internet access or sharing of devices at home, you can request a paper copy of the work by emailing ourschool@denbighhighschool.co.uk

The overview documents for each fortnight are sent electronically via Parentmail and are also available here:

There is also the option of completing an Extended Project for any learner who feels that they would like to undertake some extension work.  This is being co-ordinated by Mrs R Williams.  Details of the project can be found in the handout below:


Currently, work is being set by individual teachers via Show My Homework.  All work should be submitted via this platform and learners can expect to receive feedback on the work that they submit.

Students need to think about how best to manage their time while working independently and due care and attention needs to be given to mental health and physical wellbeing.  It may be that learners find it best to work first thing or last thing, or spread out across the day.  Students should work when they find it most productive but could aim for around three hours per day.  Learners may wish to do more than this if they are enjoying what they are doing.

There will be further guidance made available to Year 10 learners soon.