Blended Learning

While learners may have to physically be away from the school building, we are fortunately still in a position to provide a positive learning experience through our online homework portal, SatchelOne.  This gives teachers the ability to set and collect assignments and then to give students feedback on their work.  There is also a comment function which allows students to ask questions of their teachers and which form tutors can use to keep in touch with learners in a pastoral capacity.

School closed to all pupils except those who qualify for hub provision

  • KS4 and 5 learners will follow the same process as outlined below – Whole year group isolating with rest of school open.
  • KS3 learners will follow a timetable similar to the one they did during the summer term.
  • Students in Year 7-9 need to register with their form tutor between 9-9:20am. They do not need to register in individual lessons. This enables learners to work flexibly around the demands of family life.
  • Subjects will be delivered on a three week rotation, with learners being assigned 1 core and 3 foundation subjects a week, PSE and PE lessons and an individual, cross-curricular project.
  • The core subject will set 9 hours of learning activities; the foundation subjects, 4; PE 1 hour; PSE 1 hour and then 2 hours of individual project time. This equates to 25 total learning hours.
  • Teachers are online during normal lesson hours for that week to provide support via the comments function on SatchelOne.
  • By the end of the week, students will be expected to submit their work to receive feedback.
  • Should learner need assistance with managing their time, below are blank timetable proformas for each year group which learners can download and populate.

Whole year group isolating with rest of school opening

Should a whole year group (or multiple year groups) be off school, the process is as follows:

  • Students will follow their usual school timetable, logging on to SatchelOne for their lesson.
  • Teachers will set the work for the lesson as classwork (this will have a red line down the side of the assignment). The lesson will be labelled with the date, the subject and the time of the lesson, e.g. Monday 2 November English P1.
  • Students will need to click into this assignment at the start of the lesson. In the above example, this would by 9:20.
  • They need to leave a comment in the submit section of the assignment to tell their teacher that they are there. If a student has not commented within the first 10 minutes, they will be marked as absent and a notification will be sent to their app, as well as the parent app if that has been signed up to.
  • Students will need to undertake the learning activities during that lesson time.
  • The teacher will be available live to answer any queries/ give feedback/ support learners through the comment function.
  • All lessons should have a WALT (We Are Learning To) identified so that learners are clear about what is expected in terms of what they are learning and how this fits into the learning sequence.
  • At the end of the lesson, students will be expected to demonstrate their learning – this could be by handing in a piece of work or answering a question, for example. This will enable the teacher to plan appropriate tasks for the next lesson.

In some cases, some classes may be required to use Google Classroom for their learning. At the moment, this will usually be for any ICT lessons. Over the next half term, we plan to introduce more opportunities for this platform to be used in different subjects. For these lessons, students still need to log on to SatchelOne to register for the class before moving over to Google Classroom for the lesson content.

In most cases, students will only need access to SatchelOne. All students should have been using this platform since September to access their usual homework tasks. If a student has forgotten their password, they need to follow the password reset link on the SatchelOne website here. If you still have difficulties, please email the school: For ICT lessons, students will need to log in to Google Classroom via the HWB platform here. If you have problems logging into HWB, please email

6th Form and Year 11 lessons

Where a teacher feels it is appropriate to do so, and where they believe it will enhance the learning, they may deliver their lesson live using Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. At the moment, we have the capacity to do this for some 6th form and KS4 classes.

If a lesson is to be delivered in this way, there will be a link to the Microsoft Teams meeting in the assignment for that lesson on SatchelOne. Students need to log in to SatchelOne as usual, indicate via the comments that they are present and then click on the Teams link which will take them to the live video lesson.

Individual students isolating

If a student needs to self-isolate at any point, a parent needs to contact the school to inform us that this is the reason for absence. This will result in the student being placed on the blended learning list which is updated daily. Once a student is on this list, their class teacher will set work for them that is either exactly the same as the work covered in the lesson they miss, or an adapted version of the lesson which enables students to practise the skills developed in the lesson but in a way that is accessible from home.

Work will be set via SatchelOne as a classwork task. Where possible, work will be set as close to the usual lesson time for that student’s subject. This may not be possible in all cases as the teacher will also be teaching their usual, full timetable in school, as well as providing work for isolating learners on top of this. Work will be set by the end of the school day at the latest.

Please inform the school when your child is due to return so that they can be removed from the blended learning list – this will prevent them from being set work in addition to receiving it in class.

ICT Access

At Denbigh High School, we have a bank of 25 netbooks to loan to students who do not have a laptop/ desktop computer at school. While the SatchelOne app can easily be accessed via a phone, much of the work learners will be required to do will need them to use word processing software e.g. Microsoft Word or Google Docs. These programmes are difficult to use on a mobile phone due to the screen size and lack of keyboard.

We have been compiling a list of learners who may need to borrow a netbook at any time – if you think that you/your child should be on this list, please email

Where we have whole year groups/ sections of the school isolating, netbooks will be prioritised for KS5 and KS4 students. If there are further students on the list, then they will be provided with paper copies of work to use in conjunction with instructions on Show My Homework that they can read on their phones.