Blended Learning

On Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 December, there will be no face-to-face learning in school. Instead, we will default to our blended learning provision. Students will need to log onto Satchel:One between 9am and 9:20am to register for the day and then follow their usual school timetable, completing the work set at the relevant times. All class teachers will be available during lesson times to answer questions via the comments function in Satchel:One and/ or Google Classroom.

Some teachers will set work on Satchel:One, others in Google Classroom and in some cases, students may have been provided with the task on paper in their last lessons. This range of approaches enables each department to provide the best work possible to suit the different needs of the subject and learners.

There are links below to help with any technical issues. If you have any further questions, or need any support with the technology side, please email For anything else, please email and we will reply as soon as we can during office hours.

Individual students isolating

If a student needs to self-isolate at any point, a parent needs to contact the school to inform us that this is the reason for absence. This will result in the student being placed on the blended learning list which is updated daily.


Once a student is on this list, their class teacher will set work for them that is either exactly the same as the work covered in the lesson they miss, or an adapted version of the lesson which enables students to practise the skills developed in the lesson but in a way that is accessible from home.

Work will be set via SatchelOne as a classwork task. Where possible, work will be set as close to the usual lesson time for that student’s subject. This may not be possible in all cases as the teacher will also be teaching their usual, full timetable in school, as well as providing work for isolating learners on top of this. Work will be set by the end of the school day at the latest.

Please inform the school when your child is due to return so that they can be removed from the blended learning list – this will prevent them from being set work in addition to receiving it in class.

When you notify us of your child’s isolation, you will be asked if they are well enough to be set work. If they are not at the time but their condition improves and they would then like work, please notify the school office and we will add them to the work list.


Learners in years 7-9 will receive a booklet based work pack to complete during their isolation period. This enables them to practise key skills across their subject areas and to work at a pace which suits them, balancing potential illness with ensuring that they keep as up-to-date as possible. You will receive a booklet via Parentmail once you notify us of your child needing to isolate. You can request a paper version to be posted home if you prefer.

ICT Access

At Denbigh High School, we have a bank of 25 netbooks to loan to students who do not have a laptop/ desktop computer at school. While the SatchelOne app can easily be accessed via a phone, much of the work KS4/5 learners will be required to do will need them to use word processing software e.g. Microsoft Word or Google Docs. These programmes are difficult to use on a mobile phone due to the screen size and lack of keyboard.

We have been compiling a list of learners who may need to borrow a netbook at any time – if you think that you/your child should be on this list, please email