In Key Stage 3 we offer a wide variety of opportunities to develop and enhance pupils’ musical experience.

Year 7 — The Basics of Music. Everything you need to know to get you started!

Notes, Values, Rhythm and Pulse                       

Exploring pulse and note values

The Elements of Music

Exploring the elements of music

Instruments of the Orchestra

Exploring timbre

Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion

Form & Structure

Exploring scales, musical structures

Year 8—Growing in knowledge to help you on your musical journey!

Music & Space

Exploring Sound

Music & The Media

Exploring music within Adverts


Developing Musical Ideas


Exploring Improvisation 

African Music

Exploring Polyrhythms

Special Occasions

Exploring music for Special Occasions

Year 9 – Put what you’ve learnt into practise!

Film Music

Music & The Media

20th Century

Exploring motifs, polyrhythms and repetition

Popular Song

Exploring Songs & Arrangements