We understand that any transition period requires careful management and that it should be as free of worries as possible for all those involved.

Our successful Year 7 settling-in programme ensures that pupils make the transition from primary to secondary education with little effort. We work closely with our primary colleagues to ensure that we understand the needs of each pupil in order to assist with the settling in process.

Transition activities begin early with our fun activity days for Yrs 4, 5 and 6 pupils. We also:

  • Meet with Year 6 pupils in their primary school prior to transition
  • Organise a three day Induction Programme followed by a new intake parents’ evening in the summer term of Year 6
  • Arrange specific ALNCo visits to the primary school and organise additional induction days for SEN pupils
  • Hold a Year 7 Parents’ Evening in the first term following transition to discuss the settling in period

Mrs. Debbie Howlett, Associate Assistant Headteacher, is responsible for the transition from primary school alongside Mr George Ryan, Progress Manager for KS3. In the case of older students, the school always contacts the previous secondary school prior to their enrolment. This ensures a smooth transfer of the pupil’s details and if necessary, coursework for examinations. It also allows us to place the pupil into the appropriate group for their subjects.

Transition from KS4 to KS5 is handled personally by our Y12/13 Progress Leader and induction days are arranged to enable students to transfer seamlessly.

Transition Programme 2021

This year, we will again be running the majority of our transition arrangements remotely.  Your child will receive a first contact from us via letter and their primary school home learning platform.  We will use a range of methods, for example a short welcome video and a grid filled with fun challenges, to start leaners in the process of engaging with staff and the types of activities that we do in Denbigh High.  

Pictures of the products of the challenges can be emailed to and, each week, one of the learners who send their pictures will be drawn at random to receive an Amazon voucher!  All entrants will receive an early lunch pass to use when they arrive at DHS. 

Your child will also follow a mini course that we ran successfully last year. This time, your child’s primary school will be delivering the sessions. If your child is not currently at one of our main feeder schools, please see the resources below which give you everything you need to be able to participate from home!

Be Awesome, Go Big is a package to support Year 6 students to transition into high school.  It is designed to be motivational, helpful and reassuring and to help young people feel valued, loved, encouraged and equipped for the journey ahead.

The resources are based on the best-selling children’s books You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed and Go Big: The secondary school survival guide by Matthew Burton.

The booklet is divided into 9 sessions.  An electronic copy of the booklet and the resources used to support these are below for your information. You might want to discuss the topics with your child as they complete the sessions in school so that you are also as prepared as they are for their journey to high school! 

Session 1 Being awesome
Session 2 Unlocking your mind
Session 3 Dare to take risks
Session 4 Making the change
Session 5 Lost but not lost
Session 6 Bouncebackability
Session 7 What is normal anyway
Session 8 Friendships and fallouts
Session 9 Living well
Links for Be Awesome Go Big Session videos