Curriculum Leader

Mrs Rhian Jones

Personal and Social Education (PSE) is a timetabled one hour lesson, which takes place once a fortnight for all learners at Key Stage 3. In light of the curriculum changes ahead of us in Wales, as a school we have decided to be forward thinking and embrace this area now as Health and Well-Being.

The Health and Well-being area of the curriculum is about the physical, psychological, emotional and social aspects of our lives. This area of learning will support our learners to develop and maintain not only their physical health and well-being but also their mental health and emotional well-being, as well as developing positive relationships in a range of contexts.

We wish to enable learners to make informed decisions about their own health and well-being and also engage critically with a range of information to support this and develop their values and identity, which in turn will develop their confidence and ambition.

An understanding of this will enable our learners to develop the behaviours, habits and dispositions which will support their health and well-being in a rapidly changing world. Flexibility is also given within schemes of work to allow time to respond to topical news or health issues as they arise.

Year 9 Overview of Content

Autumn Term

  • Learners will work to develop a sense of pride and confidence that helps them to overcome setbacks
  • Learners will discover the importance of appreciating the attractiveness of both initiative and interpersonal skills to those around them and to future employers.

Spring Term

  • Learners will discover and demonstrate the importance of moderating their voice and body language when presenting their view to a group and when feeding back to individuals
  • Learners understand the importance of motivation and respect for effective leadership

Summer Term

  • Learners will work on how to use appropriate language in all settings, including online and more formal situations
  • Learners will look at identifying organisational techniques that work for them and how they can apply organisation to their speech

At Key Stage 4 our learners can opt to take a PSE qualification known as SWEET (Succeeding With Education, Employment & Training). This is a BTEC style qualification in which all learners have the potential to gain the equivalent of a Grade B if all elements are completed to the required standard.

There are five core PSE Chapters which include:

  • Personal Identity
  • Managing Relationships
  • Healthy Living
  • Moving Forward
  • Money Matters

Then there are three chapters which link to elements of the Welsh Baccalaureate:

  • Global Citizenship
  • Community
  • Enterprise and Employability

Throughout the academic year there are also other opportunities for additional lessons to cover other elements of PSE, including from trusted outside providers.