Living in a world where we have instant access to so much that is happening across the world makes it obvious that we have the technology to communicate with people everywhere. But do we have the skills? Do we have the ability to speak to someone in their own language? Do we get to experience a country’s history and culture by truly being part of it? The simple answer is that we can have those skills if we study a language.

Travelling abroad, understanding other cultures and communicating with a wider variety of people is much easier when you speak the language.

In the UK today we are on the brink of one of the biggest changes in our recent history- leaving the European Union. The need for British people to speak languages is becoming greater and greater. A language can set you apart from the crowd- especially with numbers studying a GCSE language falling nationally…you can be different! A language can lead to a specific language related job but it is commonly used as the added extra to a whole range of careers such as law, engineering or army related jobs amongst others.

Curriculum Leader

Madame C. Suarez

Key Stage 3

Topics covered in Key Stage 3

Year 7

  • See Curriculum for Wales Learning Journey here

Year 8

  • See Curriculum for Wales Learning Journey here

Year 9

  • TV and film – likes and dislikes and reasons, what you watch, how, when and why.
  • Jobs and careers – different jobs, who you work with, places of work, reasons for choosing a job, skills and qualities
  • A healthy lifestyle- what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink, sports you should do, smoking, drugs and alcohol

Year 10 & 11

The WJEC GCSE course is followed. There are three broad themes:

Identity and culture

  • Youth culture (self and relationships, technology and social media)
  • Lifestyle (health and fitness, entertainment and leisure)
  • Customs and traditions (food and drink, festivals and celebrations)

Wales and the world – areas of interest

  • Home and locality (local areas of interest, travel and transport)
  • The wider world (local and regional features and characteristics of France and French speaking countries, holidays and tourism)
  • Global sustainability (environment, social issues)

Current and future study and employment

  • Current study (school/college life, school/college studies)
  • Enterprise, employability and future plans (skills and personal qualities, post 16 study, career plans, employment)

Useful Websites: – useful for learning vocabulary through flashcards and games. You can search for any topic or those linked under the profile of Christine_Suarez2 using the search bar. – a good range and variety of games and online marked questions – a variety of vocabulary and grammar through different games  – a variety of tasks for GCSE aimed at consolidation of key vocabulary and structures