We strive to make our curriculum appropriate to pupils’ and students’ needs with teaching styles that develop positive attitudes to learning, the understanding of concepts and the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

The curriculum reflects the school’s purpose and in order to fulfill this, the school’s objectives are:

  • To ensure that each student is known as an individual and to maintain a support structure so that each student achieves his or her potential academically, physically and socially
  • To emphasise teaching and learning as a core function
  • To foster high expectations of all students and to refuse to accept under-achievement
  • To endeavour to produce the best possible examination results for students at all levels
  • To teach a curriculum which will have relevance to the world of work and to give vocational guidance and experience of work to help in careers preparation
  • To develop programmes for pupils and students with special education needs, including provision for those who are More Able & Talented.
  • To promote close and effective links with feeder primary schools in order to facilitate the smooth transition of students from Year 6 into Year 7.
  • To ensure that all students have an equal access to their entitlement under the National Curriculum with a positive regard for those children in vulnerable categories such as SEN and Looked After Children.