School Council

Denbigh High has an extremely active pupil voice through the work of the School Council.  Last year, the Council organised fundraising events (including sponging teachers!); helped choose the final options for the new school uniform; and came up with our new school motto “Believe Exceed” completely by themselves!

This year, the Council is expanding so that we can have as much representation as possible to look at areas as diverse as curriculum content, student mental health and improving elements of the school building. 

How it works:

Each tutor group chooses two form representatives to sit on the Year Council.  Of these, two students are chosen to represent the year on the school council.  There are also two representatives from the R and R department.  These students will focus in the main on fundraising and student wellbeing.

In addition, each subject area (including Additional Learning Needs) has chosen one representative to sit on the school council.  These thirteen students will champion their subject when we look at attitudes towards learning and developing opportunities across the curriculum.

Each sub-group will meet regularly, with the whole council meeting at least termly.  Two of the senior representatives are also elected to be pupil governors.  They attend meetings of the school’s governing body to report on the work of the council.