Headteacher’s Message

Dear Parents/Carers and prospective learners,

Denbigh High School is a place where we care about the development of learners socially and personally as much as we do academically. It is important that the school is a happy place where learners feel safe and can be themselves. We are proud of our unique school and believe that everyone should be treated with respect, everyone puts in their best effort and we all strive to succeed.

We see all our learners as individuals, who can get the individual support they need. We want our learners to be able to leave Denbigh High School with the qualifications and qualities to follow whatever path they want in the future, ensuring they are ready to make a positive contribution to society. In order to do this, we offer a broad curriculum and have a strong pastoral support in place to allow all learners to thrive.

It is important that teaching and learning is at the heart of what we do and we focus on helping students progress. We understand that learning should reach beyond the classroom and ensure that, in addition to lessons, learners are provided opportunities through a range of experiences including extra-curricular activities, trips, outside speakers and competitions.

Celebrating our Welsh identity is important to us. In order to support this, we have a strong emphasis on dysgu Cymraeg and using the history and context of Wales and its diverse communities throughout our curriculum. In addition to this, learners and staff are involved in celebrations and a range of competitions for the Urdd Eisteddfodd each year.

Our Sixth Form is a part of school we are very proud of. The opportunity for learners to stay with us for seven years, allows them to excel in their development but also act as role models to younger learners. In order to provide opportunities for the Sixth Form we work with two other institutions in the Dyffryn Clwyd Dinbych Partnership. Sixth Form students also benefit from the work of the John Bennet Parry Trust should they go on to university following their time at the school.

Working with parents and carers is vital for our school’s success. We believe that it is important to have open lines of communication, so parents and carers are involved in their child’s learning at the school. To enable this, we use a variety of methods to keep parents and carers updated with what is going on at the school and also offer opportunities for you to provide input and feedback about important issues.

Our school motto is BELIEVE.EXCEED. This means we BELIEVE in all our learners and want them to BELIEVE in themselves and what Denbigh High School stands for. At the same time, we want learners to be the best version of themselves, who as individuals strive to EXCEED expectations in all they do. To support this, we have high expectations of all our learners and ourselves to ensure everyone has the ability to BELIEVE and EXCEED.

I look forward to welcoming you to Denbigh High School and you becoming part of our community.

Cofion gorau,

Glen Williams