Ms. Kate Sutherland
Chair of Governors
Mr. Mark Young
Vice-Chair of Governors

Improving school performance is the main priority of the governing body. Working alongside the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team (SLT), the governing body plays a crucial part in providing the appropriate learning opportunities and environment that encourages young people to succeed. How does the governing body do this? First is helping to create the vision for the school with the staff and pupils and other key stakeholders.

Kate Sutherland is Chair of Governors for Denbigh High School and serves as a Community Governor. She is a solicitor and currently Acting Senior Coroner for NWW. Kate grew up in Denbigh and is hugely supportive of the school insofar as ensuring the wellbeing and academic achievements of all pupils.

Mark Young is Vice Chair of Governors and a Denbighshire County Councillor and serves as a Local Authority Governor. He is a local business owner and is incredibly committed to Denbigh town and the school itself.

Other governors are:


Mrs. Maria B. Rimmer

Local Authority

Cllr. Mark Young

Mr. Derek Hughes

Mr. Gareth Royles

Mrs. Margaret Parry-Jones



Ms. Kate Sutherland

Mrs. Rebecca Chapman

Mrs. Ceri Robertson

Mr. Tim Redgrave

Mrs. Lorraine Dalton


Mr. Mike Jones

Mrs. Kerry Crayden

Miss. Jen Lawson

Miss. Katie Roberts

Mrs. Rachel Corner


Miss. Alison Roberts

Mrs. Kellie Wynne-Jones


Miss. Laura Poole

The Clerk to the Governors can be contacted on All governor related queries should be directed through the Clerk.