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Provision provided by Denbigh High School

Denbigh High welcomes all pupils through its gates including those with a wide variety of special needs. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and believe that all pupils have a right to a broad, balanced and fulfilling education no matter what their difficulty.  To this end we aim to support pupils with the followings conditions that might become barriers to learning.



The department encourages any pupil who has a learning difficulty to receive assistance through a variety of ways:

  • Withdrawal from their mainstream English or Mathematics lessons to receive small group support.
  • Partial withdrawal from mainstream lessons for specific literacy support.
  • A team of fifteen non-teaching assistants provide support in the mainstream classes to ensure all pupils can access the curriculum.



  • Small group/individual support for reading, spelling and maths.
  • Organisational skills support to ensure homework planners are filled in correctly and deadlines are met.
  • Assistance with homework assignments using access to the Internet, ICT programmes, and a wide library of books specifically purchased to assist with assigned projects across the curriculum.
  • Coordination training to address deficiencies of balance, attention and concentration. These exercises are particularly useful for dyspraxic and ADHD pupils.
  • One to one sessions of social skills training to address difficulties with peer relationships.
  • Assertiveness training to address difficulties of low self esteem and to assist those pupils who have been victims of bullying.


PUPILS WITH ANGER ISSUES As part of the PSE programme pupils experiencing difficulties with temper control can access and Anger Management programme. This programme helps each pupil to identify their individual triggers – situations that spark their anger.  Once these are identified pupils can adjust their behaviour to deal more positively with irritating situations.  This programme is supported by the school’s police liaison officer and local magistrates. Pupils have had the opportunities to visit the local police station, Magistrates courts and a Category B prison in an attempt to understand the consequences of unruly behaviour.


HORSE RIDING THERAPY A small proportion of pupils benefit from weekly horse riding activities organised by the charity Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA). Pupils with physical disabilities, low self esteem, poor social skills coordination and/or behavioural difficulties have the opportunities to learn to ride, develop positive relationships with the horses and the voluntary workers who support them and learn stable management.  As well as receiving certificates of accreditation for these activities the pupils can participate in horse riding competitions both at local and National level and horse riding holidays in the Welsh hills.


COMMUNICATION DIFFICULTIES Pupils who need to enhance their communication (listening and speech) skills can receive speech and language support and are visited at school by specialist speech therapists from the local hospitals. This can be supported by regular programmes from our own specialist staff throughout the school week during registration times and specified lessons.


SENSORY SUPPORT Pupils experiencing difficulties relating to hearing and/or vision are supported by a team of professionals who monitor their difficulties and provide advice and support to both the pupils and the staff who teach them. Support staff are available where specialised or more intensive support is needed and visual/hearing aids are available for prescriptive use.


SOCIAL SKILLS Some pupils requiring more intensive support access the school’s social skills programmes delivered at Key Stages 3 and 4. This allows pupils to develop their own understanding of working as a team, peer interaction and personal social development.  Pupils have numerous opportunities to benefit from working with outside speakers, local visits and work within the local community.  Pupils have recently been involved in the Woods Regeneration Project on the upper Denbigh woods. This has involved cutting down trees, clearing, planting and making animal shelters. Visiting local hospitals, old people’s homes and working on gardens in the local community help to enhance the local environment and assist the pupils to experience a sense of achievement whilst working in teams with their peers


PUPILS WITH PHYSICAL DISABILITIES Physiotherapists visit the school on weekly basis and Occupational therapists through appointment to ensure that any pupil having a physical/medical need can receive effective support. The school recognises the Disability Discrimination Act and tries to ensure that all pupils are given equal access and support to enable them to reach their true potential.  All pupils with physical disabilities are encourages to participate in all school activities including sports day, school trips and sponsored walks.  Additional/alternative facilities are available for all pupils experiencing difficulties in these areas. All our pupils are welcome members of the school cohort and are fully included in every aspect of school life as is practical.