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Home Learning


What is home learning?

Any learning activity that pupils are asked to do outside of normal lesson time can be regarded as home learning.  The home learning task is generally related to work that learners are doing in school, often as preparation, consolidation or follow-up to work done in class.  Home learning can be completed by learners working on their own, at home with the support of parents or carers, at lunchtime, or before and after school with the support of teachers and other learners. When home learning is undertaken at home, it becomes an opportunity for parents to become actively involved in their children’s learning so that they become informed participants in the learning process.


The setting of Home Learning

• Home learning is set by teachers according to the home learning timetable.

• Home learning is set using ‘Show my Homework’. Pupils and parents can access the website using their unique PIN, provided by the school. They can then create their own password.

• Pupils can track their home learning on the website or through the App.

• Parents can monitor their child’s completion of home learning via the website or the App