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Emergency Closure Procedures


Denbigh High School is an English medium co-educational comprehensive school for pupils aged 11-19 and our work is motivated and inspired by the challenges of life in the 21st century.


 We value our young people and we promise to


● Provide a full and balanced educational environment which caters for every individual.


● Raise aspirations in order to unlock potential.


 Work to achieve excellence through encouraging a ‘can do’ culture, which nurtures confident and capable people who will achieve success.


Our School is a unique, popular, friendly school where every individual can and does succeed. We are proud of our school, which aims to be a centre of excellence where high expectations lead to the highest standards of achievement and learning. Denbigh High School aims to make a difference in the lives of young people in our care. We encourage aspiration and achievement of all kinds.


The school's motto is 'Succeeding together-Progressing with pride’ and, together, we aim to provide a first class education for our children in a secure, calm, enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere, where all are challenged to respond positively, to go the extra mile and to achieve their true potential. We work in partnership with parents to help pupils become self motivated, confident, independent learners who are prepared for all aspects of life. We have a positive learning atmosphere created by our code of conduct, the commitment to it from staff and pupils and the simple fact that you have done a magnificent job of bringing up your children.


We also have to pay tribute to all the schools that our pupils come from, locally and also from across and

beyond the county. The fact that people make the choice to send their children to our school makes us feel proud and endorses our achievements.


Teaching and learning are rightly at the heart of our activities. There is a focus not simply on what to learn but how to learn. Learners evaluate their own progress and enjoyment of learning. They also learn how to improve and to move onwards and upwards. In the Sixth form we combine with five other institutions in the Dyffryn Clwyd Consortium. This enables us to offer post 16 pupils an extensive range of courses and opportunities.


The school has a well-developed Welsh dimension. We see ourselves as an English medium school which is Welsh friendly, including studying Welsh as a first language, and we are proud to celebrate our identity as a modern, forward-looking school in Wales.

We offer care and stability but also excitement and innovation. We have real ambitions for our young people. We are committed to ensuring that our pupils are valued and to providing them with the skills, knowledge, understanding and qualifications which will enable them to carve out a future for themselves, to lead lives of fulfilment and purpose, and to play an active part as good citizens in their communities.


We have also invested heavily in new technologies to ensure that the school is fit for the 21st century, not just in terms of the hardware, but in terms of how it is best used to enhance the learning experience. If you combine this with the large

number of trips, extra curricula activities such as music, drama, sport and clubs that take place it makes it a very exciting time to be at Denbigh High School.


As a school, we encourage you to come and talk to us, to meet our wonderful young people and

dedicated staff and to see our good work in action.


Dr R P Evans


Emergency Closure Procedures
Emergency Closure Procedures
Emergency Closure Procedures